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Special Extra Social Security Earnings for U.S. Military Service

For U.S. active duty military service veterans (between 1957-2001), information on receiving special Social Security earnings for your service.

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Welcome to Our Team

Rappazzo & Bauscher, PLLC is a full service law firm with offices in Schenectady, New York.  When you enter our doors, you won’t feel like a number in a cold, corporate law factory, with a stern secretary telling you to sit and wait while you're scared and anxious.  You'll feel comfortable and at ease, and meet with professional, down to earth people that truly care about your legal matter.


We Take On Cases in These Counties: 

Schenectady, Albany, Rensselaer, Montgomery, Schoharie, and Saratoga


Our concentrations include bankruptcy, family court proceedings, custody issues, support issues, divorce law, and criminal defense matters.  We also assist our clients with many other legal representation needs, such as wills and estate planning, traffic tickets and other motor vehicle infractions, DWI or DUI, and personal injury.

We understand that most legal matters can be complicated, frightening, and confusing.  Serious legal concerns require an experienced and competent attorney who will explain all the options and give honest and clear opinions, all without judgment or embarrassment.  As a client of Rappazzo & Bauscher, PLLC, you can rest assured you are dealing with not only a professional attorney, but one who is realistic, caring, and genuinely wants to help you through your difficult time.

Communication is the single most important aspect of any law firm.  When you are a client of Rappazzo & Bauscher, PLLC, you have access to your attorney when you need it.  If you are having legal problems and not sure what to do, let us help!

Call 518-374-2580 today to start the process with a simple conversation. You'll find that even asking a few questions may help ease your mind.

If you have a general question that does not require an appointment, feel free to use our contact form, or e-mail us directly at